About me!

I’m Lee Wardle founder of Barista UK facebook group. I’ve been in the coffee industry for nearly 10 years. I’m a working barista, a machine engineer and trainer. I’m currently head barista at The Boston Tea Party in Barnstaple.


2 Responses to “About me!”

  1. lee, read some of your posts/blog – you sound a knowledgable chap when it comes to coffee :). particularly interested in a comment you made about bean 2 cups not matching grinder/espresso machine unless you spend £3000 or more.. i bought a gaggia titanium about 7 years ago thinking yippee real coffee here we come but rated the experience (i used it every day) about 4/10 vs. what you buy in an independant coffee shop – but having spent £500 i was kind of comitted to it. anyhow, its developed a problem – stuck on rinsing cycle – which i cant fix despite pulling the ting apart and disconnecting the pc board/battery trying to reset. i dont fancy the £139.50 repair charge quoted by saeco so it’s now sitting in a dark corner of the garage while i plan my next move. 2 questions for you > (1) any tips on how i might be able to repair myself? (2) on the assumption i can get c. £100 for it parts or repair on ebay (and more if i can repair it) what grinder/espresso kit should i be looking for to ‘up’ my coffee tasting experience? cheers, alan – coventry.

    • Hi Alan!

      Thank you for the comments!
      Sorry to hear that you’re having a few problems. Genearally when a bean to cup won’t come out of a rinse/ clean cycle it’s because it’s not being completed to the machines liking. That’s to say that the machine knows a rinse has been completed properly by a pre-determined volume of water passing in a pre-determined time. If you have a small blockage that is enough to reduce tge flow a tad the machine with think “oh that didn’t Rinse properly” “better rinse again”!

      Try running the descale programme with the appropriate solution. If that doesn’t solve tge problem I would check that there isn’t anything blocking tge flow meters. (little propeller that measures the flow of water by counting revolutions) all it would take is a spec of scale of a coffee ground etc. The meter is in a little round black box with a wire connected to the top. It should be the first thing the water passes through after leaving the tank.

      Let me know how you get on and feel free to use my email litwardle@hotmail.com. A good place to look is http://www.coffeeforums.co.uk. We have a dedicated gaggia section and plenty of engineers/users on hand!

      Good luck


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