Quick Personal Update

Hi all, and thank you for looking at my little blog post!

I haven’t been around for a while as life is very hectic. Today however I have a day to myself, so, Pink Floyd – The Wall LP is playing, the Union Hand Roasted Rwanda Bourbon is pouring and the PC is in “update forums mode”!

In September I started working for myself as a barista trainer and engineer. I had loads of work with a particular SW coffee chain so decided to work full time on the business and quit my job! DOH! Tough decision with the wedding around the corner (28 May) but made sense. After much “sorry but you need to be cheaper” I stopped doing work for them as they wanted more and more hours, and more staying away for less and less moeny. SO it was decided that I would put business on hold (well, not activly promote it anyway) until after the wedding. So, I’ve been working for a well known Pizza Delivery company!

You may have read that I used to be a radio presenter and that in November I lent my support to the campaign for local radio in North Devon. This meant as well as some technical stuff (web streaming/audio) that I’m back presenting again! We had a series of 28 day RSL’s (restricted service licences) and I presented various shows. For the latest RSL I have been doing the breakfast show! (6am-10am – Mon-Fri). as well as working full time for the pizza company! Knackered is the word!

I’ve been doing the odd “coffee” day and also met SWIFTY from Volkscafe at an expo locally held by Havana Coffee Co. I was hired to make espresso explain my processes to their customers (and potential customers). Daisy Rollo was there doing demo’s too! I was at one end of the Expo and Daisy Rollo was at the other!

So, it’s all been pretty hectic! Glenn has been kindly hosting my business email and holding page so again, my deepest thanks to you Glenn!  Check out his twitter: @getnoticed.   The plan (after the wedding) is to get the website up and running, possibly with a bit of e-commerce for spares?!

Thanks for reading and please feel free to Tweet by clicking on: @litwardle or email me!




~ by Lee Wardle on April 19, 2011.

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