Training, great coffee + Busy-ness!

Hi there!

Wow it’s been a busy few months since starting this blog! With a wedding to plan, the work schedule growing ever demanding and a cycling safety campaign to run the blog had taken a bit of a back seat!

As you may know I work for The Boston Tea Party in the Barnstaple store. Since February I’ve been out if the store a couple of times per month training up other “BTP” stores in the group. Thankfully it’s been going well and with the business opening new Sites I have officially become the Company coffee trainer. I’m still working out of the North Devon store but once per week I’ll be going around the chain identifying training needs and implementing a structured programme. With 8 stores it’s really important to keep raising the bar and keep standards high whilst of course keeping continuity between stores.

Living in North Devon with a distinct lack of good places to get coffee one tends to get a bit “coffee depressed”. It was with great happiness then that I enjoyed a truly superb coffee experience at Colona & Smalls in Bath. Whilst training in our Bath store a colleague and I went up to Colona & Smalls for a meeting. The service was quiet but attentive and the decor & furniture interesting but relaxing. I went for their guest espresso, Square miles “SPRING” blend. The espresso was outstanding! Lovely sweet chocolate &  dark cherry for me with a superb tangy acidity and a lovely finish. My colleague had an equally well made flat white.  It did make me a little sad though that we have nothing like that here. Obviously I’m not including our own Boston Tea Party here but anyone who is in this industry knows you can’t truly relax in your own place. You’re always watching what the staff are doing and “listening” to how your coffee is being made! I just really really really want to be able to grab a quick tasty & interesting espresso before work. One that has been made beautifully and lovingly…….. Ah well.

Where were we? Oh yes….busy busy busy! Planning our wedding, the car broke, trying to manage my “Give Cyclists Space” campaign and trying to get a ride in! I’m also a moderator at, North Devon Freecycle, & Devon & Cornwall Amateur Radio Forum AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!

Oh yeah, I’m also going to start repairing domestic espresso machines in my “spare” time!

Speak soon!

P.S. I’m still after some guest bloggers to keep Barista UK busy so get in touch if you’d like to contribute! 🙂


~ by Lee Wardle on June 10, 2010.

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