Retail coffee & Soya Milk…. (yeah… stay with me though)

There is nothing quite like an amazing double espresso for breakfast before work. When I get to work I love to crack open the full fat milk and enjoy a nice triple-shot flat white or equally tasty mac. But two things are ruining this enjoyment for me:

  1. Lack of fresh quality local retail coffee
  2. I now have to avoid dairy. bugger.

I’ll start with number two as it’s closest to my heart. I’M REALLY NOT LIKING SOYA MILK! For anyone that doesn’t know me beyond the t’internet you probably aren’t aware that I’m allergic to wheat. (well, it’s IBS triggered by wheat) This hasn’t always been the case it started to occour when I was working for a large SW chain of Coffee/Bakeries.  I’d open up & have an espresso along with one or two of yesterdays croissants. I’d then have a massive pasty for lunch  (click here if you’re not in the UK and don’t know what I’m talking about!) along with a nice dirty cake of some sort. Then usually a pastry of some sort in the afternoon and usually a left-over baguette while cleaning down after service.  Anyway one day my body just went “AAAHHHHHH NO MORE BLOODY PASTRY!” and to this day hasn’t let me eat any more. I’ll spare you the details as it’s not pleasant.  All has ben well for a number of years as long as I stayed away from wheat (it’s in EVERYTHING!)  and recently my IBS has been kicking off again &  It occurs that it’s probably dairy! So, I have to com off dairy for a month or three and see if it settles. It’s been one week and I have made a startling discovery. Soya milk is pretty shit! It kind of tastes like watered down beans (which I guess it is) , wet bread & cardboard. MMMMMM Yummy! I really miss the silky sweet smooth texture of real milk and soya for me just isn’t a like for like alternative.

Which brings me nicely onto retail coffee…… (like I said, stay with me)

Up until Sept 09 I was an engineer for a coffee company. (I’ll tell you why I’m no longer another time) This is a coffee lovers dream. Single origins, espresso blends everywhere. This meant lots of coffee at work & on the road and lots of nice new samples to take home.  Now I’m back behind the counter. although we have 3 cracking beans at work, I don’t really want to take these home with me. I enjoy their complexities at work but when I get home and washed the “coffee house” smell form my person I don’t want to be back there by making myself one of our brews. This leads me to retail & oh my day’s it’s poor down here. There is nothing in my local area at all.  Now I could get it from where I used to work but I don’t want to buy kilo’s for home use. I just want some 125g bags or 227g bags of beans. Good beans. Interesting single origin beans. Fresh beans……This leaves the supermarket out then so what now? There is only one place I know of in a town a good few miles away, and apart from a few examples from Union Coffee Roasters  their offerings are pretty poor. Even the Union stuff has been sat for way too long – nowhere near freshly roasted. Actually, pretty stale. One area I haven’t explored is over the internet. I like to be able to speak to someone over the counter. Have a good chat about the coffee. Have someone say “ooh you’ll love this” etc. I don’t think I’ll get that online. I’m not sure about the quality either.

So I have two questions for you:

  1. Can anyone in the UK suggest a good online retailer?
  2. Please please please does anyone know of a milk alternative that doesn’t have cardboard notes?

Thanks guys *sob* I know you won’t let me down.



~ by Lee Wardle on February 18, 2010.

3 Responses to “Retail coffee & Soya Milk…. (yeah… stay with me though)”

  1. Try almond milk or hazelnut milk. They are surprisingly delicious, assuming you like nuts.

  2. You might be lactose intolerant, in which case you can find milk with reduced lactose, even at Tesco (works for me). No cardboard notes there.
    As for online retailers in the UK, hasbean is great and sells in 250 g bags.
    SquareMile (from the man above) is equally great, but slightly larger bags, 350g.

  3. Thanks James, I’ll give those ago. It totally ascaped me that you do retail packs James. (cheers Andrea) The Winter espresso sounds nice. I quite like the sound of the Takengon. I love a sweet coffee so this sounds beautiful.

    Keep the suggestions coming!

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